Business Tariffs & Consultancy

Were interested in your business objectives and goals our aim is to provide you with the right solutions at the right price which will help support your business growth. We deal with sole traders from a couple of connections up to blue chip companies with over 300 connections

Our Initial Approach.

We will talk to you to find out what you are trying to achieve from a business point of view we will also find out what your past experiences have been. Once we know where you are heading we will audit your communications equipment and tariffs and work out where you are spending the most money and what can be changed to meet your business objectives. Once we have a possible solution for you we will talk you through that solution making sure you understand exactly what you are getting into.

As our partnership develops

Once we are in partnership and you are receiving our services we will then assign you an internal account manager who will be able to support you and manage your account. Part of our commitment to you is to review your account every three months and make sure your not spending too much money and the solution is helping you achieve your objectives.

Independent point of View.

Whatever we do for you we will give you free independent advice this will enable you to have all the options from hardware across to the airtime tariffs.