Fleet Management


The foretrack solution offers live web based vehicle tracking and fleet management, providing around the clock visibility and control of your mobile workforce from any internet enabled PC.

Foretrack Features:

  • Real time visibility of vehicle location
  • Historical data of routes, site visits, vehicle speeds, idling, driver behaviour and more
  • Unlimited customer sites / geofenced areas
  • A range of alarms and alerts straight to your mobile or e-mail inbox
  • Full reporting suite
  • Improved security and protection for drivers and vehicles
  • Fuel usage calculator
  • Fleet utilisation
  • Vehicle servicing and MOT management
  • CANbus information direct from the vehicle
  • Monitoring of vehicle systems, such as temperature alerting for refrigerated trucks

The foretrack real time vehicle tracking system is designed to help your business reduce operating costs and increase revenues, through improving productivity, efficiency and ultimately delivering better customer service.

100% Web based:

The unique foretrack platform is entirely web based meaning no software files are required on any individual PC. Track and monitor your mobile assets from anywhere with an internet connection using our secure log in procedure.

Constantly evolving:

We never sit still and are constantly striving for the next development or feature that will add further value to our innovative solution. As a foretrack customer, each time we upgrade the service you receive the new additions free of charge.

You are guaranteed the most up to date mapping and road data thanks to our regular quarterly updates. CONTACT US NOW for more information, to arrange a FREE TRIAL or demonstration, or for any other enquiry you may have.