Motorola GM950

Licensed* Yes
Channels Up to 128
Scan Yes
Dimensions (mm) 44 x 168 x 160
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The Motorola GM950 mobile two-way radio has been developed to provide an easy to use, yet highly sophisticated, solution to your specific communication needs.

The GM950 utilises 5 tone signalling to deliver functionality which is essential to many mobile communications systems. Whether you need to improve the safety of your security personnel, or increase the efficiency of your delivery drivers, the GM950 will enable you to achieve your goal.

Three GM950 models are available, allowing you to choose the configuration which best meets your requirements;

  • The N2 fixed call model, offering basic, low-cost fixed 5 tone signalling.

  • The N3 multicall model, providing “Multicall 1000” for user-variable calls, “ID Decode” (which lets the radio users know who is calling them) and “Status”.

  • The N4 Keypad Multicall model, giving maximum ease of operation for ‘Multicall’ user variable calls dialled from the keypad, ‘ID Decode’ with ‘Call Stack’ (which stores the ID of the last 10 unanswered calls), and ‘Status’. In addition, the keypad may also make DTMF calls, providing access to telephone networks from radio systems equipped with telephone interconnect base stations.

All models benefit from a compact construction which is easy to install yet rugged enough to ensure that your personnel stay in touch when the going gets tough.

GM950 Functionality

  • Supports all major 5 tone signalling schemes

  • Private Line (CTCSS) and Digital Private Line

  • Internal loudspeaker with 4W audio power on N2 and N3 models

  • External Loudspeaker with 13W audio power on N4 model

  • Choice of 12.5 kHz or 20/25 kHz channel spacing

  • Wideband operation

  • Choice of two transmit power levels (5 - 25 W) programmable per channel

  • Fully Field Programmable using a personal computer running the Windows operating systems

  • Choice of 4 channels (N2 models) or 128 channels (N3 and N4 models)

  • Data modem interface

Enhanced features - N3 and N4 models

The Multicall feature enables mobile radio users to selectively address voice or status calls to other mobiles. The N4 Keypad Multicall Model gives maximum ease of operation if multicall is used frequently.

ID Decode
The ID number of the calling radio is displayed, allowing you to decide whether the call is urgent (answer immediately) or less important (answer at your convenience).

Call Stack (N4 Only)
If received calls are unanswered, perhaps because the operator is away from the vehicle, the radio will store the IDs (numbers) of the last 10 callers. On return to the vehicle, the operator is able to review and return the missed calls.

DTMF Live Dial (N4 Only)
The keypad can be used to place calls to public or private telephone networks on radio systems equipped with telephone interconnect base stations. In addition, for security purposes, the radio may automatically send the ‘DTMF Access Code’ necessary on many systems.

This feature saves operator time and greatly reduces system traffic. Day-to-day operational situations may be assigned to a code number and reported back to a central dispatcher without having to establish voice contact. For example, the following assignments may be made;
- 01 “On Call”
- 02 “At Destination”
- 03 “Taking Lunch Break”

Display Zoom (N4 Only)
In standby, the display shows all the relevant parameters, including Multicall and Status numbers, channel and volume level. However, when entering Multicall or Status digits from the keypad, the display “zooms- in” to show the digits in a large size, giving easier operation.

Hand Held Control Mic (N3 Only)
Enables convenient one-hand operation of all the radio functions.

* Licensed radios operate at high power on dedicated frequencies, providing long-range communications with no cross-channel interference. Non-licensed radios are low power and operate on a generic frequency, making them suitable for simple, short-range communications in a 'secure' environment. ECS secure all necessary licences on our clients' behalf.