Vertex VX417E

Licensed* Yes
Channels Up to 32
Accessories Yes
Dimensions (mm) 108 x 58 x 30
Weight (g) 320
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The VX-410E/420E Series of 32-Channel VHF/UHF Portables features 5 Watts of Power Output and a host of leading-edge built-in features for demanding business/industry and public safety applications. Included as standard features are Dual 2-Tone Decode, 2-Tone Encode, 5-Tone Encode/Decode, Encryption, Voice Compander, and Multi-mode Scanning. The VX-410E/420E may be programmed, by channel, for 12.5/20/25 kHz channel spacing, and for simplex or split operation.

The deluxe VX-420E version features an eight-character alphanumeric display, 4 additional programmable keys and illuminated keypad. Both the VX-410E and VX-420E are available in Intrinsically Safe versions, and all are built with legendary Vertex ruggedness and unmatched cost-performance.

Operator friendly controls and features include:

5 Watts Power Output
The VX-410E/420E Portables produce a full 5 Watts of power output, with an additional selection of 1 Watt available for increased battery life when higher power is not required.

12.5/20/25 kHz Bandwidth (Progtammable by Channel)
When programming radios for use in different jurisdictions or geographical regions, the VX-410E/420E Portables may be programmed, channel by channel, for 12/5, 20, or 25 kHz channel spacing environments, with both bandwidth and deviation automatically set according to each channels requirements.

Leading-Edge Design
Crafted with care for use in areas of severe RF pollution, the VX-410E/420E Portables include excellent adjacent-channel selectivity and immunity from Intermodulation, along with ETScompliant –1.5 kHz frequency stability.

Loud 500 mW Audio Output
Ideal for reception in noisy environments, the VX-410E/420E Portables’ high-powered audio is coupled to a large internal speaker, assuring solid copy throughout difficult crowd control, fire, or sporting-event operations.

Long-life Lithium-Ion Battery (1600 mAh)
The VX-410E/420E Portables may be equipped with advanced FNB-V67 Lithium-Ion Battery Packs with 1600 mAh of capacity, for operating times of up to ten hours or more, even when using 5 Watts (5-5-90 duty cycle).

32 Channel Capacity
The 32-channel capacity of the VX-410E/420E Portables includes quick access, and the channelspecific information loaded during programming minimizes the extra keystrokes required on competing models. Two banks of 16 channels each are provided for convenient channel access.

Programmable "Soft" Keys
Two buttons on the side panel of the VX-410E may be custom-programmed for specific functions needed in your application. The VX-420E additionally provides four front-panel programmable keys, for a total of six available custom buttons.

Optional Trunking Capability
Installation of the optional SmarTrunk® module enables use of the VX-410E/420E on systems equipped for VX-Trunk operation.

Ultra Compact
The VX-410E/420E Series Portables features and performance are housed in an ultrarugged, compact case measuring only 58 (W) x 108.5 (H) x 30 (D) mm (2.3"x 4.3" x 1.2"), and weighing less than of a pound with the standard FNB-V57 Battery.

Designed for use under the most demanding conditions, the VX-410E/420E Portables are built in compliance with MIL-STD 810 D/E/F specifications for reliable operation in environments including shock, vibration, high and low temperature, low pressure, rain, humidity, salt fog, and dust.

Dual 2-Tone and 5/6-Tone Systems Built In
For smooth integration into advanced radio systems, the VX-410E/ 420E Portables are equipped with 2-Tone Encode/Decode, Dual 2-Tone Decode, as well as 5/6-Tone Encode/Decode circuitry. In addition, DTMF ANI and DTMF Paging capability is also available through installation of the optional FVP-25 DTMF Pager Unit.

Advanced 8-Character Alphanumeric Display
Providing an Alphanumeric Channel Label of up to 8 characters, the LCD display also provides convenient operating function icons to provide instant recognition of radio status.

Ergonomic Construction
The carefully-engineered case construction features a gently rounded shape for a solid grip, whether the radio is wet or dry. Its over-sized keys are easy to activate, and the operating firmware has been carefully shaped by years of feedback from public safety, business, industry, and government users.

Key Lock
A Soft key may be programmed as a Key Lock control, to prevent inadvertent channel change or unwanted activation/deactivation of functions. This is especially valuable in surveillance operations, where the radio may be concealed and subject to accidental pressure on its keys.

Radio to Radio Clone Feature
For quick programming of the VX-410E/420E radios for an emergency task force, the Clone feature allows copying of all channel and configuration data from one VX-410E/420E to another, using the optional CT-27 Cloning Cable.

Built-In Encryption
The built-in Encryption circuit provides security for your important public safety and private security communications, and it may be enabled at the time of radio programming by the dealer.

Optional Voice Recorder
The optional DVS-5 Voice Recorder Unit allows you to record and store up to 120 seconds of incoming receiver audio, ideal for keeping an audible record of an important message. Audio may be saved either as a one-time 2-minute recording, or a constantly refreshing "last 120 seconds" recording may be made.

Programming Security
Cloning capability may be disabled at the time of programming, to prevent unauthorized access to channel data. The transceiver also may be programmed with an access password, to prevent unauthorized attempts to gain access to channel data via computer programming.

Intrinsically Safe (IS) Versions Available
The VX-410E/420E Portables are also available in Intrinsically Safe (IS) versions, for leading-edge communications capability in hazardous operating situations. Included in the IS certification for the VX-410E/420E is approval for use in dangerous hydrogen and acetylene environments.

* Licensed radios operate at high power on dedicated frequencies, providing long-range communications with no cross-channel interference. Non-licensed radios are low power and operate on a generic frequency, making them suitable for simple, short-range communications in a 'secure' environment. ECS secure all necessary licences on our clients' behalf.

** ATEX approved radios are intrinsically safe and suitable for use in the Oil and Gas industry and other areas where explosive atmospheres may be encountered.